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Full Legal Name: Jon W. Burkhardt

Birthdate: February 20, 1969

Instruments You Can Play: Bass, Upright Bass, Sax, Flute, Keys, Recorder, Guitar, Juice Harp, Clarinet, Trumpet

First time you remember wanting to be a musician: I

Formal Training: School Bands, piano lessons age 8-11, Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Eastern Illinois University Orchestra, EIU Jazz Combo, took Upright lessons at EIU, then gave lessons for a while at Sound Source Music in Mattoon, IL

Past Bands: [pensive sigh]
Time Warp
Palace Dogs
Mamba Shank
English Ivy
Point Proven
60-Cycle Hum
Met Gres
King Moonraiser
Einsteins Barber - '05-'06
Then joined Black N Blue AND Hillbilly Rockstars in January '07

Music Mentors/Influences: I

Funniest Road Moment: I

Coolest Person You've Ever Met: I

Favorite CD: I

Most Embarrassing CD in your Collection: Don't have any! I like 'em all!

Current Ringtone: "I Break for Monster Booty" by John Schofield

Favorite Quote: "

Favorite TV Shows Growing Up: Looney Tunes, Greatest American Hero, Muppet Show, Monty Python Fying Circus. That's a hard one for me because we didn't have a TV until I was 9.

Favorite Move: "Waking Life"

Your Biggest Flaw: I have no flaws. I guess my flaw would be lack of humility.

One-Word Description of your Bandmates:
Mike -- Thunder
Jackie --
Tad -- Frightening

Embarrassing Moment: I

Hardest Thing about Being on the Road: I