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Hillbilly Rockstars

The Hillbilly Rockstars hail from central/southern Illinois. These boys get their name honestly, and are very proud of their "Hillbilly" title. Actually, this group has come a long way since Jackie first found them jammin’ on the front porch. Jackie’s plan to mold this rag tag group of wannabe vandals into a top-notch country band has worked flawlessly. In just a few shows, Jackie Lawson and her Hillbilly Rockstars have created quite a buzz.

The Hillbilly Rockstars consists of 4 very talented life-long musicians.  Combined, these 4 hillbillies definitely provide an entertaining musical experience. The Hillbilly Rockstars consider it a pleasure to share any stage with Jackie Lawson, and this is obvious from the first note to the very last. They have the talent, energy, and drive necessary to back up Jackie's powerful vocals. With their take-no-prisoners attitude towards performance and their attention to every musical detail, they are sure to please. We urge everyone to catch Jackie Lawson and her Hillbilly Rockstars coming to a town near you!


Tad Freezeland

Tad is hillbilly numero uno and has been playing guitar since his momma first handed one to him in the cradle. Tad has a unique sound and playing style, and he is no stranger to performing in venues large or small. Tad has been in one band or another for many years and is a well-respected, sought-after musician.


Darren Elmore

Darren is a hillbilly with a mission, and that mission is to make the band sound great at all costs. Darren is an accomplished vocalist and has been playing guitar for quite a while now. Tad likes to call him Cousin Darren..... I mean, aren’t all hillbillies related?

Darrel Wilson

Darrell is the hillbilly’s hillbilly.We think Darrell has played drums since birth, actually his ma told us it was before birth. Darrell is a well-rounded entertainer who is not afraid to make a little noise and put on a great show. Oh, and most likely to yell "YEE HAA!!"


Jon Burkhardt

Jon is the hillbilly sticky stuff that holds the band together. Jon is an all ‘round musician that can play just about anything he puts his nubs on. Jon has been in local bands for at least 100 years and is no stranger to the stage.